Almost there...

I just need a commitment from five more people. I'm still waiting for two from Rochester (you know who you are), but it is first come first serve.

As far as the break itself, here is how I would like to run it. I will randomize the order of all the participants. As I open each pack, the hits will go in order to the participants. Each participant will get two hits as we'll go through the list twice. Any base cards I will try to split evenly to everyone who wants them, so that if two people want a Phils base card (I'm talking to you, Phungo and Arfmax!) or Indians (me and Motherscratcher) or Yankess (everyone!), I will give a base either randomly or to the person who get the "lesser" hit. So if you get the Mike Schmidt autographed patch, don't expect to get that Jimmy Rollins base card!

If that sounds fair, we can start payments so that I can order it this week. Send your payments of $29 via Paypal to dkrill@rochester.rr.com. I can make special arrangements with individuals, but if you have the ability, PLEASE use Paypal. It makes buying the case easier.

Thanks, and here's to the Break.


Dan said...

I'd like to be in for one spot. Thanks!

gcrl said...

dan - i will send paypal shortly.