Case Break - Stuck on 10!

There are ten people out there who are anxious to do this case break, but I haven't gotten commitments from anyone else. I need 13 more in order to do an 07 Ultimate Break, which so far seems to be the consensus, with Fleer Greats of the Game a close second. Each requires 24 slots, so we are OK either way and will make a group decision when all the slots are filled. If you want two slots, let me know so I can fill them in. In the end, I will probably take two slots also.

Please talk it up on your blogs and in your emails so we can get it fully booked and ordered. Thanks.


wickedortega said...

put me down!

shanediaz82 said...

Dan, just got back from vacation or I would've responded sooner. I loved your last break, count me in!

shanediaz82 said...
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