Case Break Proposal Update

A few notes on getting an upcoming case-break organized:
  • Please don't transfer any money yet. I want to get a full dance card before I order anything.
  • I am not married to Fleer Greats of the Game. I am willing to discuss other case breaks or box breaks as well.
  • I didn't realize Thorzul had just done a break of FGotG. Sorry.
  • Please leave a comment here if you are interested in doing a break. Once we get most everyone in, we'll work out the financing.
  • I will be on vacation the last week of October, so nothing will get done that week and I will be unavailable.
Looking at Blowout Cards, there are other products available, including the one I did last year, which was a pretty big success: 2007 Ultimate. I will list the available products that will come in under $30 per slot, including shipping.
  1. 2007 Upper Deck Ultimate - 4 boxes, 4 packs/box, 4 cards/pack, including 2 memorabilia and one auto - 48 "hits" - $659 + $40 shipping for 24 slots - $29/slot
  2. 2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot - 20 tins, 1 pack/tin, 6 cards/pack, including 1 #'d Sweet Spot signature and 1 rookie helmet signature per tin, 2 Sweet Swatch relics per tin, plus 1 dual Sweet Spot signature and 1 Sweet Swatch patch per case - 82 total "hits" - $779 + $60 shipping for 40 slots - $21/slot *** RISK: redemptions which are expired***
  3. 2006 Fleer Greats of the Game - 12 boxes/case, 15 packs/box, 5 cards/pack, including 2 autographs and 2 relics per box - 48 total "hits" - $619 + $36 shipping for 24 slots - $27.50/slot
  4. 2008 Upper Deck Heroes - 10 boxes/case, 24 packs/box, 8 cards/pack - 3 relics, 1 auto per box, plus 2 patch cards, 2 autogamers and 1 YSL relic card per case - 45 total "hits" - $536 - either 20 or 30 slots - $28.50 or $20/slot
Please leave a comment if you are interested. I've already heard back from Troll, Night Owl and GCRL. Thanks.


Brian said...

Count me in..

ryanmemorabilia said...

Sweet! I am in!

Pop Startled said...

I'm in...GoTG sound great!

beardy said...

Yes please.

arfmax said...

I'd be in for 2007 Upper Deck Ultimate or GOTG.


RoofGod said...

I would certainly consider participating unless it is Sweet Spot, I have no use for that product.