Off to Cleveland

My father, the man I have written about several times, is turning 84 this weekend. My sister and her son are flying in from Florida, and my family and I are driving to Cleveland tomorrow morning to celebrate. Longevity is in his family genes, but so is Alzheimer's, which took his sister and probably would have taken his father and brother had something else not finished its work earlier.

It should be a very nice weekend. Seeing my parents. Mom cooking up a storm, which usually means desserts like strudel, tea biscuits and peach pie. Sailing with my cousins on Lake Erie on Saturday. Celebratory dinner out on Friday night with all the family, including my mom's brother who is coming in from Detroit. An Indians game on Saturday night. The National on Friday.

I am fortunate that I still have a family that still masses from time to time to celebrate and catch up. I was going to say it is fortunate that I get a chance to go to the Jake and to go to the National, but there are much more important things than that. Like being with family. Everyone sometimes need a refresher in priorities.

Having said that, I am looking forward to the National, checking out the vendors and manufacturers, maybe snagging an auto or two, trying to get my hands on some of the exclusives to the show. I decided against buying the VIP package since I will only be there for part of one day, and Joshua and I will be more interested in finding some good deals, finishing some sets, and checking out the convention in general.

The Voice of the Collector has published a great How-To Guide if you are going and have never been before. It is interesting reading.

If anyone will be there on Friday between 11 and 3, let me know and maybe we can meet up. Good luck, and have fun. And remember, there are many things more important than collecting cards. (Gulp, did I just say that?!!?!)


shanediaz82 said...

Sounds like a great trip, enjoy!

Motherscratcher said...

Have a great time. I actually live about 20 minutes from the IX center where the national is, and I won't be going. I'll be in NYC for the 2nd time in my life.

I'll be sorry to miss the National, but what can you do? A weekend with my old buddies in NYC is something I can't pass up.

beardy said...

Enjoy it man! I'm a little jealous of everyone going to the National. I'm going to try and go next year, when it's in Baltimore.

JRJ said...

It's awesome. I was there last night and going back for more this weekend.

There are a lot of cool redemptions and promotions. I can't remember the name, but one huge dealer has a raffle for a trip to Vegas or Disney. You enter by buying packs/boxes/cases. The guys at the Freedom Card Board are doing a lot there and are cool to talk to.

The Ferris Wheel in the center sort of gives it a World's Fair type of look, but the show is definitely a good time.

FYI: It's cheaper to buy your tickets online than it is to buy them at the window when you are there. (service fee difference)

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Have a blast, and congrats to your pops! When you get back I've got a Maddux and Bonds to send your way.