It's official.

The Cleveland Indians have officially given up on the 2009 season. Today, the Tribe traded the reigning Cy Young Award winner for the second straight year. That has to be some kind of record. Quick, get on the phone to Stuart Scott! Plus, they tacked on Ben Francisco, who was dependable if not spectacular. And the rumors are swirling that Victor Martinez is next and will be dealt by the deadline, probably to Boston. All on the heels of Ryan Garko being handed a one-way ticket to San Fran. (Wouldn't it have been more appropriate to send Ben Francisco to San Francisco? Now THERE is a match made in heaven.)

The Indians got four of the Phillies top ten prospects in their system, but not Drabek. So, hopefully all this stockpiling they have been doing for the last two years will pay off in 2010 or, more likely, 2011. Great. Just before I head to Cleveland this weekend with plans to trek down to the Jake!

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madding said...

Ouch, that's rough. Who do you root for now? Choo?