Is this a super-rare autographed error card?

. . . or just another stupid mistake by a card manufacturer? Can you spot the error:

CLUE: the mistake is on the front of the card.

Compare the two. You'll have to click on the images to find the mistake. This is from a package of 2009 Bowman Jumbo that Joshua ripped today.

Can someone tell me if this is a common occurrance, or even if this guy is an up-and-comer? I know nothing about him, or about what constitutes an "error" card. Thanks for any help.
UPDATE: Baseball Dad hit a homer! Yes, that's right, the auto card has his name as "Greer" whereas his real name is "Geer." So, my son's question is will this be more valuable than a basic auto?


steveisjewish said...

is the played with under the state line? the diff #, the diff photo? I know nothing really of this dude.

madding said...

Josh Geer (the actual Josh Geer) kinda has a funky delivery. That's all I've got.


I can't tell for sure on this image,but on the certified auto is his name spelled "Greer" at the bottom? There are other known auto's with it spelled that way.