ANGER is spelled with A&G

I'm mad. Really mad.

I bought two boxes of the A&G, and I busted both right away, although I only posted the first box for the Gint-a-Cuffs. It isn't worth my effort to scan and post the second box, because it would get me no more points than my first one.

After seeing all the great cards that people have pulled out of their boxes, I'm miffed about what I got out of two boxes.
  • 59 base doubles from the second box of ones I got in the first box
  • 8 SP doubles from the second box of ones I got in the first box
  • 6 relics, only 1 worthwhile (Doumit, Mulder, Thome, Holliday, Dye, Escobar)
  • Total number of printing plates, autos, rip cards, etc: 0!

That's right, folks. A Big Fat Zero for anything worthy of the money I spent on TWO boxes, except maybe the Thome bat. The doubles alone is enough to raise my ire. Eight SP doubles?!!??!

I have busted many boxes of Topps, including three this year before A&G, and I've never had this big of a problem with the collation. Many of the packs in the second box had the EXACT SAME CARDS except for the mini and the National Pride card as a pack from the first box.

As the saying goes, If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

I called Topps to complain about this, and the putz who took my call said that there is nothing they can do about it. They can only assist me if cards are damaged or if I didn't get the guaranteed products, such as three autos or relics. End of story. No can do, no help here.

It was so bad that, when I traded all my doubles at the local Trade Days, I ended up with two rip cards that I paid a steep price for: my Reyes black refractor from 09 Heritage, an assortment of autos from my trade box. What did I get for all that? A Beltran mini exclusive and a Chipper mini exclusive. No mini wood card. No red auto mini. No 1-of-1. (BTW, I'm auctioning off the Chipper mini #384 on eBay. I need to make back my money somehow.)

I'm not pleased about the situation, despite my love for the A&G set. I've already got a good jump on getting the base cards finished, and a good chunk of the minis. However, should I try to get someone at Topps to rectify this? Should I stop whining like a little girl? What should I do?


night owl said...

I'm not sure if there is anything more you can do. You seem to have done what you could.

You're right to whine, though. The doubles part especially isn't good. I want to get a second box. Now that's making me hesitate.

Carl Crawford Cards said...

I completely understand. That's the main reason I quit buying boxes. And it's NOT whining.

On the one hand, these are silly pieces of cardboard and anyone who thinks they are worth real money is crazy.

On the other, when you buy them you pay real money for the cards you buy, so they are worth something.

I feel like the problem with most boxes and packs is that they are worth more unopened and unenjoyed than opened. You are paying for the both the cards and the possibility you'll get a big hit, so after you rip the pack most of the value is gone. Many times you've got nice base cards that you can't even trade for the cards you need because everyone else has them. Only the big hits bring in money on ebay. Essentially you feel like you paid for something you didn't get.

In '02 I got four boxes of 2002 Heritage and basically got a Nomar relic and about 8 Shinjo Sps for my $320. I feel your pain.

paulsrandomstuff said...

I'm sorry you didn't do better with your boxes, but you got what Topps guaranteed would be in them. Next time, save your money and buy the cards you want as singles.