Set Collector Group Case Break

In discussing a trade with Steve of White Sox Cards, I came up with the as-yet-to-be-determined-if-it-is-brilliant-or-stupid idea of having a group break of a case of a product that would help many of us finish sets, or at least get most of the way there without breaking the bank.

Well, here is my idea.
We pool our money to buy a case of 2009 Topps Heritage. A 12-box case is $864at Blowoutcards.com. Each box has 24 packs of 8 cards, plus a box-topper, including one relic or auto per box. The totals would be 2304 cards, 12 box-toppers, and 12 auto-relics.

Let's say we get 24 people to do this. That is shipping for $24, and I'll conservatively estimate that at $2 per. So another $48 brings the total to $912, or just under $38 per person. This would give everyone 96 cards plus an auto, relic or box-topper. The premium cards (auto-relic-boxtopper) would be randomly assigned to each participant, and hopefully we could accommodate most of the card requests for each participant with regard to base cards. The SP's, well, we will have to figure something out for that, such as a random order in which the first pulled goes to the first in the random order, etc. As for any variations that may be pulled, we could random those off, too.

What do you think? Could this work? If you would be interested, leave a comment here. If we can get enough people to commit to it, then we'll go ahead with the finances. I'll host it here.

Hey, I'm excited about this. I hope y'all are, too.


FanOfReds said...

Sounds interesting, though I'm guessing that there will be high demand for the short prints and much less demand for most of the commons.

As for the variations pulled (if any), perhaps instead of dishing it out sell it on eBay and then reduce everyone's share of payment. That way, anyone that wants the variation could still bid on it - and everyone else would end up with a reduced cost.

Good luck!

night owl said...

If it was less money per person I might do it, but since I'm not collecting the set this year, I won't participate.

Got to watch my finances with the job situation around here.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

As someone who is feverishly working on this set (233/425) so far, this is music to my ears. Mark me down for a spot.

White Sox Cards said...

If I am working by the time the case would be ordered, I'd be interested.

dayf said...

I'm with White Sox. When I get a job, I'm in. One thing that might be fun is to do a draft with the SP's. There should be about 96 SPs in the case, that's enough for 4 each. Randomize the participants and do a snake draft. It would likely be a nightmare to get everyone to participate though.