I like roadkill!

Duane, from Democratic Roadkill, or more commonly known as The Ghost of Cory Snyder, is quickly becoming one of the hardest working, most generous bloggers out there. He is a fellow Ohioan (which I consider myself even though I live in New York State) which makes him more than OK in my book.

I'm a bit late thanking him for some cards that he sent me recently, but the most important of those cards is:

This was the last card I needed for the base set of the 2008 Allen & Ginter. Brad had been avoiding me, and even The Night Owl had let me know what a difficult card this was to find. I am now DONE! Only a few more inserts to collect. One fewer, because he also sent this one from the World's Greatest Victories insert set:

This is one of the better cards in this set, as it really does apply to baseball, and really is one of the all-time great victories for a franchise that had seen many near-misses, lost chances, curses, losing seasons and overall bad luck. I was happy for them then, but now I'm just tired of hearing about Red Sox Nation. I like them a bit better now that they have rid themselves of Manny, but I'd still like to see the Cubs or Indians win a World Series next. 

Duane also sent some other set-building insert cards that I need, specifically for the 08 SP Authentic, which has grown quite a bit on me, and my son loves. The photography is great, the colors vibrant and the design not overpowering, like some other UD products. (Yeah, that's right, I'm talking about you, Spectrum!)

Finally, Duane was gracious enough to send over some Indians for my collection, including a numbered Travis Hafner and an auto of Fausto Carmona. Plus, a great card of Omar. I had the non-gold version of this, so this fits in nicely with the other one.

Thanks a million, Duane. I owe you one, or 100!


night owl said...

Congrats on finally picking up the Lidge card.

Having a complete A&G set is very satisfying. I still enjoy leafing through mine.

Duane said...

I just finished my A&G base set as well. I also have A20 and PA4 held for you. I am just waiting on a few more goodies to send your way.
Glad you enjoyed the cards, I know I liked the Jays you sent out, well the Mondesi's caused me to break out into a cold sweat but other than that GReat!!