This is how trades should work...

Easy. That's all I can say about how this trade went about. 

Eric, a.k.a. The Ghost of Cory Snyder, who runs a new blog called the Cleveland-Columbus Connection, (it's an Ohio thing - Indians and their farm team, Ohio State and their recruiting grounds, etc.) asked for Carl Crawford auto in response to my Trade Me an Auto post. Sure, no problem. He gave me a short list of comparable items, I picked one, and that was it. Right?

Wrong! He upped the trade to a 3-on-3. My response?

"OK. I'll do that. So, we have the Laffey, Clark and Crawford for Carmona, Vizquel and McBride. Sound right? I'll ship them off tomorrow. Thanks!"

So, we each got two autos and a relic, no muss, no fuss, no hassle. That's what I wanted from this post, and Eric was happy to oblige. Below are scans of my newest Omar and two great autos. 

Thanks again, Eric.

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