Sweet (Spot) Redemption

When I joined the UD Heroes box break over at Jawdy's Basement, I was hoping to get something good for my Indians collection. I did pretty well with the regular break, getting a Vizquel relic, but the big hit for me, and maybe for the entire break, was the Sweet Spot dual signature redemption of Travis Hafner and Victor Martinez. 

Along with the three other packages from Phungo, the Ghost of CS, and Dubbs was my card from Upper Deck. 

As has been discussed recently, Upper Deck needs to work on their pen selection for these autographs, since in ten years we all may have Great Disappearing Autographs. The ink is certainly fading from blue/black to purplish. 

Even so, this is one way cool card. I've never seen one in person, and the ball material actually feels leathery, although I'm certain that it is not a game-used ball. (Wouldn't that be cool?!) I like how the card is designed to hold the piece from the ball. And it is one of only 15! #13 to boot, Joshua's favorite number!

Instantly, this is near the top of my favorite cards list.


paulsrandomstuff said...

I'd say the problem isn't with the pens UD used; it's the baseball material.

Nearly every non- official major league baseball that I've ever gotten signed has faded. I don't think any of the OMLB's (the $15-20 ones) have.

JRJ said...

I've had the same problem with signatures that aren't on OMLBs. I have a cool Warren Spahn signature baseball, but it's fading bad because of the quality of baseball it was put on.

Jawdy said...

Awesome Dan!! Glad the card was low numbered - I don't think it said on the redemption what the numbering was. I am happy you got a nice hit!!!