Having Phun

I love big maildays. More than one package, hopefully oversized and filled to the brim with Indians, Omar and set-builders. Friday was such a day.

I've already detailed two of the packages, and the third one was from Paul, a.k.a. Phungo, replete with Phungo originals. I love the "Versus" series (my term, but you can use it) like the Burres vs. Garko below. As for the C.C., I'm having a hard time adjusting to seeing him in a Brewers uni, much less a (shudder) Yankees! Damn Yankees!


Phungo also sent over a few Omar cards that I didn't already have, and they are happily ensconsed in my Omar binder and my virtual binder

Thanks, Phungo, and keep up the good work with those trading cards.

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deal said...

Thanks for the write-up. I am glad I could find Vizquel cards that were needed for the binder. The 95 Fleer set is extremely ugly, but the Vizquel card isn't nearly as bad as many of the others.

It's funny "Versus" was my original name for the the "Black Frame Inserts" but I went away from it as I added some non-pitcher v batter cards to the set.

I am pretty sure CC was the opposing pitcher in that O's game.