My Virtual Review of 2009 Upper Deck

This is a "virtual" review since I have not purchased any box, pack, blaster or card of the '09 set. In fact, after seeing several videos of box breaks, I have absolutely no desire, whatsoever, to open anything, ever, from this product. Yeah, yeah, the photography may be much better than Topps, but the design is very stock UD, the relics look average and the inserts are gawd-awful. The only card that I may want from this is the Inkredible autos. At least those look half-decent.

What is Upper Deck thinking? Could they come out with a more boring product? Oh, yeah, the First Edition version of this. What junk. I wouldn't even pay the $1.59 per pack in the Target Power Packs resale box.

At least the '09 Topps is halfway interesting, and even though most people HATE the short-print variations, they make things interesting. The inserts in Topps are much, much, much better, and those commemorative patches, despite being manufactured and not game-used, have some "WOW!" factor to them.

I watched Stale Gum's Chris Harris' video that he did from The Backstop, opening a box of this landfill material, and I was not impressed with the product at all. Chris, as usual, is very knowledgeable about the players and product, and was spot-on regarding the lousy inserts, commenting that he was not happy that he received as many hockey players in the 20th Anniversary subset as he did baseball players, and waxing incredulous at the stupidity of the "alien" and "Indian players" Historic Firsts cards.

Even Sooz of A Cardboard Problem made a guest appearance. Nice to put faces to the names. And if you haven't read her blog, go check it out. It's fantasticly informative, and a great read, despite her near-stalker infatuation with Albert Pujols!

One more comment: The Doc, whoever he is, may be very well-informed about baseball cards, but he really needs some work on his geography. Tuiasasopo is not "Somalian." He is "Samoan." Big difference.


FanOfReds said...

I agree with your assessment of Upper Deck this year. I don't plan on buying any of the set, instead I'm focusing on Topps base for the first time in a number of years.

Captain Canuck said...

that's Marie with the pooHoles infatuation.
Sooz' is Jeter Mania. and Gabe Kapler for some inexplicable reason.