Great Read!

Padrographs posted an interesting TTM request to a minor leaguer named Dirk Hayhurst. Not that it would make me wake out of my haze sitting at work doing "not much right now," except for the fact that Hayhurst is blogging for the Canton Repository from NE Ohio, my old stomping grounds. (I guess in that respect, I'm a blind shark and can smell if anything has anything to do with Cleveland or Northeast Ohio. I will always admit to being "from" there, and proud of it.)

I took a quick read of the first post, and it is one of the best short reads I've seen in a long time. Funny. Incisive. Definitely worth anyone's time, especially since it takes about two minutes to finish a post.

Dirk has a new fan, and I'm hoping that he makes it to the majors soon. If not, he can always be a journalist!


JoshSamBob said...

Great find!

Is there an RSS feed? I couldn't find one.

Rod said...

Hey Dan thanks for the shout out. Dirk is one of the nicest ballplayers I have ever met and smartest also.