The Writer's Journey's Cards' Journey

Jason from The Writer's Journey sent me some great Indians cards, some set fillers, and this neat pog:

You can see a young, not-yet-grey-and-grizzled, stony-faced Grover in the base image, and if you turn the pog just enough either up or down, you see his follow-through on his sweet swing. I loved watching him hit, though I couldn't stand the five minute delay between pitches while he readjusted his batting glove, helmet, shirt, shoes, pants, etc. There was a good reason that they called him the Human Rain Delay!

Jason also sent some of the Walmart Dick Perez I still need, as well as one of the two Topps Stars on my list. The thing about the Sabathia drawing, though, that bugs me as not totally truthful, is that his cap has a bow to the flap, and looks like it is on straight. As any fan knows, Sabathia always wore his cap slightly skewed to his right, and his brim was much more flat. 

Hey, maybe it's an ERROR CARD! 

Yeah, right.

Thanks, Jason. I've got a stack of cards on my desk that I have not had time to send out yet, but they should be going out tomorrow.

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