Link problems

I'm having a problem with Blogger, so maybe someone smarter than me (which isn't a high bar) can help me with this.

In my bloglist on the right side, Boxbusters always points to the previous iteration of Ross's blog. The new blog address is http://boxbusters.net/, but whenever I type that in to put the link in, it continues to point to the old blog at boxbuster24.blogspot.com. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any information.


night owl said...

I don't have any info on what you're doing wrong because the exact same thing happened to me last night. No matter how many times I tried to add the new address, it kept pointing to boxbuster24.

I ended up putting the Boxbusters link down in my "after hours haunts" section and it points correctly there. Now, why that should make any difference at all, I have no idea.

Bay Rat North West said...

Change the name on your sidebar. Add an extra space or something when you add the new address and remove the old. That works for me.

Dan said...

No, still not working. Even if I put it in another bloglist in the sidebar, it still points to the old boxbusters. Damn!

Ross said...

I wish I could tell you. Several people are reporting this issue and I even removed the site from blogger completely.