Catching up

First, I want to thank dayf over at Cardboard Junkie for sending a stack of cards I needed for the 07 Heritage I am collecting. They are tremendously helpful, and although I have no scans of them, since they went into the binder straight off, I appreciate it greatly.

Second, I have a note from my mother saying "Please excuse Daniel from blogging this past weekend as he was in Cleveland visiting me and his father. Thank you." So that is why I didn't post anything or return any emails this past weekend. 

I did get a chance to go with my son, my two nephews from Florida, and my brother-in-law to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in  Canton, Ohio. It is bigger than I remember, but the football-shaped atrium is smaller. Truthfully, it is kinda sad and dumpy and could use a significant update, especially considering all the money that the NFL sucks in every year from the TV contracts. It was pretty neat, though. They even had a small showing of materials in the vaults that are rarely shown, such as the Packers helmet with the deer antlers glued onto them, which you may have seen on old NFL Films videos, George Halas' pen and pencil holder from his Bears' office that he rescued from a fire, cleats from the movie Leathernecks that were copies of original 1930's cleats, and several other items. They also have rings from each of the Super Bowl's, and they are amazing! The biggest was a total of 5 carats worth of diamonds!

Lastly, while going through some more boxes of my collectibles, I came across some autographs that my dad got for me when I was a kid. I had long forgot about them, but I'm glad I pulled them out. This is the one that made my mouth drop, though:

Frank Robinson was represented by Ed Keating of IMG in Cleveland, and when Robinson became manager of the Indians, he would sometimes visit the Keatings, who lived down the street from me. I never got to meet him, but somehow my dad managed to finagle an autographed picture of him from somewhere else.

Now that is a cool thing to find forgotten in your collection!

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That is simply beautiful!