Group Break Opinions

I'd like to do a Group Break of a case of something, so I would like opinions and comments about what I should do. I'm more inclined to do a mid-level product like Topps Chrome or Upper Deck Timelines, as a case would give plenty of hits for everyone and only cost around $20 per random team. If consensus is to go with a higher-end product like Ultimate, SP Authentic, Legendary Cuts, Ballpark Collection, Stadium Club, or the like, let me know, too. I'm willing to do this, but only if I can get a significant number to participate. 

Thanks, and let me know by Sunday night.


The Ghost of Cory Snyder said...

I'd get in on that.

shanediaz82 said...

I would sign up for a random team for $20. Should I just keep checking back here to see if you announce the details?

Anonymous said...

The problem with Chrome & Timelines is that the "hits" are godawful.

Something like 2007 Sweet Spot makes for a nice group break because you get 40 autos and 40 relics from a case. That would make it like $40/person for 20 people though.

2007 Sweet Spot 20/box - $875
80 hits

2007 SPA - 12/box - $600
24 By the Letter autos

2005 Donruss Champs 10/box - $560
80 hits

2005 Diamond Kings 16/box - $650
32 hits

All prices are from blowout.
Lmk if you end up doing this!

Jawdy said...

Hi Dan....you can count me in for your GB! I'll keep a lookout for an announcement. I'd prefer the $20 range if possible!

Anonymous said...

I'm in if the product is right. $20 range sounds good to me. I like idea of Sweet Spot or SPA just because there are so many hits. Let me know if you decide on those.

Dan said...

Looking at the 07 Sweet Spot, it looks like there are only 2 hits per box, so that would be 40 hits per case, plus the Dual Signature and Sweet Swatch Patch per case. That's 42 hits, for $30 per spot.

The SP Authentic has 2 By The Letter Signatures in every box, plus another auto per case, so that is 25 hits total, for $20-25 per spot.

SP Rookie Edition is 18 boxes, 2 autos per box, which is 36 hits, for $15 to $20 per spot.

UD Elements has 3 hits per box on average: 1 relic, 1 auto, and 1 auto-gamer. That's 48 hits, plus 2 more hits per case, for $20-25 per spot.

All prices are from DACardWorld.

I'll leave it up to you to check the star autos for each set, and I'll keep looking for good deals.

BTW, I also like the 07 Topps 52 Rookies, if you couldn't tell!

Anonymous said...

Dan, that's assuming there's 30 spots for the teams right? The teams will be randomized and all that regular stuff? It'd be nice if the bloggers could all get the teams they want since I don't think many of our teams overlap.

Anonymous said...

Please let me know what is decided. I would like to try a group break. Nice blog by the way. Also I have a lot of Indians cards, if you would like to trade.