Please Help the Needy!

I'm sending out a clarion call to all those who may have those cards that I need to finish a few sets. Please take a moment to check my Want List because my set-collecting has stagnated and I really need to get a few of these sets finished before the '09 sets start coming out. I'm especially interested in finishing the '07 and '08 Goudey sets, the '08 A&G, the '08 Heritage and the '08 UD Masterpieces. In addition, my son, Joshua, is trying to finish both the '07 and '08 SP Authentics. 

If you have doubles for any of these sets, please-please-please check my wantlist and get in touch with me. There are plenty of relics and autos (sorry, no stars or HOFers, but maybe a rookie or future star!) for those who can help, plus a surprise or two for the holidays. 

Thanks for looking, and Happy Holidays to everyone!

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