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Mail call from Peter at Dropped 3rd Strike. He is a true "collector," and most of his posts are on actual collecting, breaking, buying, trading and the like.  A really interesting read. I sent hime so UD Masterpieces and some Phil Hughes cards, which he didn't have (!!!), so he sent me back some Indians. Wow! I don't think I had most of these. He also sent some set-building stuff, like '08 Goudey and '08 Topps inserts. Seeing he is so gracious, I can forgive him for being a Yankees fan.

Here are some of the Grady Sizemore cards that he sent. Sizemore, as I've mentioned, is my favorite player, as well as my son's favorite. We both have Sizemore jerseys. He hustles, he plays hard, he doesn't whine or even open his mouth much. 

Peter also sent some Thome cards. Thome used to be my favorite Indian, but then he turned his back on them, went for the money in Philly, then split to the enemy - no, not the Yankees. The White Sox. I don't want to offend Matt or any other White Sox fan, but I really don't like that team much. They stole a few championships from me, and even won the WS the one time they went, and the Indians are 0 for 2 recently (are the 90's recent?).  Ever since they wore those horrific shorty uniforms in the 70's with the collared shirts, I've disliked them.

Back to Thome, in his better days, and one Vizquel, from his early days in Seattle, to add to my Omar collection. Thome, to me, is one who, like Sizemore, "did it right." He has never been accused of doping, and has pushed into near-HOF territory with his tremendous swing. He has cut down tremendously on his strikeouts throughout his career, and has become a passable fielder at first base. Did you know he was a third baseman when he came up with the Tribe?

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Flash said...

I can't believe I don't have more Thome cards because the bulk of my collection is from the 90's. That Vizquel was the only one I could muster up. I swore I had one from 95 Pacific but I couldn't find it. I found that Award Winner double, I have the complete insert set. I was big time into Ultra back in the day.