Renew Interest in Trading

I'd like to thank dayf at Cardboard Junkie for collating the Trade Lists of everyone in one place. It is important to keep the cards flowing so that we can all achieve our goals. Geez, that is sounding a bit Socialist, don't you think? Scary! 

One of the reasons I started this blog was to make my tradelist more accessible to others in the Card Collecting hobby. I have found that I am taken more seriously and given a certain amount of respect from those who have long-standing, shout-out-loud, industry-leading blogs. I may not write as much as Dave at Fielder's Choice, or Gellman at Sports Cards Uncensored, but I put in my two cents, and hopefully someone will be happy with the fact that I am here doing this. 

I have made a significant dent in my collection, but would like to do much more. I am hoping that all the traders out there will make a renewed effort to keep up the good work and take a look at everyone else's Want Lists. 

Also, it would help if everyone would put the date of the last update on their lists. I try to even highlight the new cards on my Trade list and grey out the ones that have been traded, in order to keep order and let people know what is no longer available. Hmmm, sounds like we need a Trader's Code of Conduct.

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