1955 Bowman Ernie Banks

This is one of my favorite cards, and not because it would be my most valuable IF it was in good condition. ($350 Beckett hi) I love the TV set look with the wood console, just like the one my parents used to have. This is a great shot of Mr. Cub, but the fuzzy background doesn't give a hint as to where this picture was taken. The home uniform is on, but that looks like a light pole in the background. I've only been to Wrigley once, so could anyone who frequents it let me know if that is a radio tower or TV tower in the background. (Wouldn't that be ironic to have a TV tower in the background of a "TV" card.)

You can see from the back that he had 34 errors his first year at short for the Cubbies. Not so hot. However, a .275 batting average with 19 homers and 79 RBI's is impressive for a rookie, much less a shortstop. And the best pitcher he "ever" faced - all one year and 10 games of his major league career? Robin Roberts. 

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