08 UD Masterpieces Mystery

I'm having a bit of a problem, and I know that the more experienced of you out there can help me solve it. As I posted previously, I bought a box of '08 UD Masterpieces, and pulled some really amazing stuff from it. (BTW, I updated the post with scans of some of the cards.) The Zambrano framed card has me puzzled. The frame is greyish with speckles of color, like a granite. It is numbered 18/25, as you can see from the scans below.

Let's take a close-up look at the number and the frame:

Now, when I go to the Upper Deck website to check on what the exact color of this is (Hades, anyone? Bronze Ore? Ionized?!!?!!?!), the only parallel that has a print run of 25 is Forest Green Linen. This doesn't look like Forest Green to me. I would have guessed Ionized, if anything, except that Ionized has a print run of 100. Huh?

Anyone who can solve this mystery will earn my eternal gratitude, a special place in heaven, and probably a relic or two from me.


White Sox Cards said...

I still can't figure out the colors of the parallels from last year!

FanOfReds said...

Sometimes I think whoever made the color names was actually color blind... It's a nice pull regardless though.

Danny said...

Mystery solved: there is now listed a "silver" parallel numbered to 25.