So-so box break...

Another successful box break of 2005 Donruss Absolute Memorabilia at Sports Cards Uncensored, but the "hits" were very average, compared to what they could have been. One HOFer (Carter), two future HOFer (Torre, Henderson) and a six-swatch Twins card. Eh.

I bought two slots of two teams each, and for my part, I am getting two Blue Jays Quads, a Marlins Duo, and a Rays Aubrey Huff. Eh.

But I do appreciate the opportunity for participating. Again, "Thanks, Gellman."


Gellman said...

Yeah, the carter was our only nice one. Cant win em all. The football went pretty good though!

Anonymous said...

I got the carter! :) But I guess I don't appreciate him much b/c I don't know that much about him other than he used to play for the Giants at one point.