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Welcome to the Saintly Blogs to Brandon, the host of two blogs: Phillies 4 Me, and Trade Me a Better Card. The subtitle of Phillies 4 Me is terrific: "Where Phandom & Collecting Collide." Gotta get those Phillie references in!

I just sent Brandon a whole slew of Phillies cards from the 60's up to recently. He has quite a long list of Phillies cards that he is looking for, going back to 1909. (Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?!!?) Just email him and he'll send it to you. He would appreciate filling in some of his 60's & 70's sets.

I've also been sending out quite a few packages recently, and getting quite a few, too. In fact, Joshua has taken to opening my mail when he suspects that there are cards in it! So, if I haven't emailed you back yet that I received a package, I'll be getting to it soon.

Sneak preview: I won an auction from Bailey at The Nennth Inning for 80-some A&G minis. I got them today, and they are awesome! Boy, does that help the ol' collection quite a bit. I just sent Bailey some Tim Lincecum cards, and have a few more ready to go next week. (Keep an eye on the mail, Bailey.) Plus, I've been sending a bunch of Braves to dayf/Dave at Cardboard Junkie. And White Sox to White Sox Cards, and Red Sox to....

So many people to please! I guess I should get TDW (the Dear Wife) something for allowing me my fun. Maybe a nice Jim Thome auto? (heh, heh, heh!)

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Anonymous said...

so I gotta ask, I am curious to what your goal is with these A&G mini cards. Are you trying to put together everything or a mix to complete the set or individual teams? How are you going to organize them?