Mixed Bag

This wasn't the best weekend for Cleveland. The Browns looked terrible! No running game. Barely a passing game. And the defense, which was supposed to be improved, looked worse than last year. (Now THAT is hard to believe.) How long do you think the fans will give Romeo before they start to chant Brady Quinn's name? Derek Anderson did not look like the '07 Derek Anderson. Maybe he's too complacent and he has lots to lose, whereas last year he had nothing to lose. Braylon Edwards was non-existent, as was Winslow and Lewis, and where was this "burner" that was supposed to take the pressure off of Edwards? Oh, yeah, he has a cut on his foot! The only guy I'll excuse today is Joshua Cribbs. If he were playing, that would have made some difference.

My fantasy football team took a BIG hit yesterday. My starting quarterback is none other than (drumroll please) Tom Brady. I was a favorite going into the season. Now, I'm toast. I have Eli Manning, who is average at best, and I picked up Trent Edwards yesterday. My only bright spot was Michael Turner. Wow! 220 yards and 2 TDs. His legs look like my waist! Man, is he a bowling ball with fast feet!

The only bright spot of the weekend was Cliff Lee. He won his 21st game, and now is 21-2 with an ERA of about 2.25. Talk about a change in fortunes! If this were the Tour de France, he would be the center of doping allegations. If this were the MLB, he would be the center of the steroid controversy. Um, oh, yeah, this is the MLB. Good thing Cliff looks like he weighs 150 soaking wet. The Indians are also on a roll. I think they havwon 14 of their last 20. Without CC! Finally starting to hit, although the relief pitching is still a mess. Hey, maybe Cliffy could play QB for the Browns? Too bad the Indians may have two consecutive Cy Young winners, but only one of them still on the roster.

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