First trade with the Big Boys

I just sent out two packages to Thorzul, one for the Brewers contest, the other a trade of 08 Heritage. (Sorry it's late. It should be there today or tomorrow.)

I don't think that I can beat out Cliff from Capewood's Collections, but I might do pretty well. I hope Thorzul has some Indians left.

I got back 6 more Heritage for my collection, and they are helping to fill out the Heritage set nicely. Lots of full pages in the binder now.

I've got another trade on the burner with Russ at The House of Cardboard. This should be a good one. I'm sending him (as soon as he sends me his address - this is a shameless attempt to embarass you into sending it!) around 50 cards for his 08 Heritage collection, and he's got a bunch to send back to me. I can't wait.

Now if only the damn Beckett site would work, I could put them into my catalog!

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