Favorite Cards

I'm a big fan of really funny, laugh-out-loud, Why'd-they-actually-print-that-image cards. For example,

Now, I'm sure Mr. Van Slyke would love to see this photo of him getting plunked in the elbow much more than him hustling into second after legging out a double, or just after that sweet swing hitting a tater. No, this is much better!

I'm particularly fond of Indians cards (couldn't you tell?), and this one has always stuck out in my mind ever since I saw it when I first pulled it from a pack I bought at Fitch Drug in Lyndhurst, Ohio when I was 8 or 9, I think.

After looking pretty hard at this, I believe that the stripes on the trim of his jersey are airbrushed in, and the team name air-brushed out. This is Ellis' 1973 card, and he was on the Yankees in 1972, so I think this is definitely touched up. But the look on his face is one of the great all-time action shots!

I think Carlos is doing a bad job of the Limbo, or Clemens just tried to take his head off with a high-and-inside fastball. Just a guess. Maybe he's cheering on Lofton as he slides into home. Who knows. But this is one awful picture.

Now this is just creepy. Doesn't it remind you of Jason in all those Friday the 13th movies? 

Some box breaks will be coming up, and also some trade reviews. I'm holding my own over at Thorzul's blog.

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