Recap of Indians game

Lousy game for any Tribe-fan on Saturday night. 6-0. Without Martinez and Hafner, and the rest of the team in a hitting funk, things are looking grim for the Mudville 9. C.C. may be gone sooner that we think....

Even the autograph seeking was fairly fruitless. We got there soon after the gates opened, went to our great seats (10th row, between first and fence, lower deck!) - prime foul ball territory - and saw Aaron Harang giving autographs. We got him to sign a few cards and a baseball. One kid gave him the C.C. Sabathia magnet that every kid got when they walked into the Jake (along with a 2006 Topps C.C. card), and he responded, "Are you kidding me?" and wouldn't sign it. That'll teach that kid. (He did get his Indians hat signed, though, which doesn't make sense to me.)

No one else was signing, though, and by the time Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips were signing, there were roughly a gazillion people there swarming to the rails. And on the Indians side, only Jamey Carroll was signing (boy, is he having a great year, or what!)

But it was a great time. Good seats. Kids had a ball. Exciting game, despite the score. Good food - the Stricklands custard is excellent, as is the Great Lakes beer - I recommend the Burning River lager or the Elliot Ness ale. Nice weather. It's a great place to watch baseball.

More pack breaks soon.

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