The Long & Winding Road...

It's been a while since I posted, what with vacation and summer chores and all those packs I've been buying at Target (the $1.59 variety, usually UD and Ultra) to post regularly. Hopefully, I can get back to it now.

Vacation in Alaska was great! It's an amazing place. It makes you realize how much of this country is still undeveloped, and wish that more of the Eastern US was like that. Denali is awe-inspiring.

Vancouver is a fantastic city, like a clean NYC! Young beautiful people everywhere, great restaurant, great shopping, crowded but friendly, fantastic public transportation, too. It's on the "Honor" system, so if you don't want to pay, you don't have to, but of course we paid to ride the sea buses, trains, and buses. If you choose a city to visit, go to Vancouver before the 2010 Olympics are there. You won't regret it at all.

As for cards, well, I've got too many to list, but have picked up some nice relics and autos. Plus some buys on eBay of Indians autos. Even a Gaylord Perry, a Carlos Baerga, and a handfull of Victor Marinez and Travis Hafner. I'm still looking for a Casey Blake - too bad he got traded in the purge recently. I, for one, liked him. He's a gamer. Doesn't gripe. Plays hard. Versatile. Hitting better this year, too. Damn, another one gone. Wait til next year.

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