Upper Deck ESPN trove

I found a stack of '05 ESPN cards at the local Target for only $1.59 apiece. Gotta love that, compared to $3 for everything else. I like the design, and it isn't too difficult a set to amass, with only 90 base cards, so I took them with me.

Pack 1:
30 Todd Helton
8 J.D. Drew
74 Jake Peavy
41 Roy Oswalt
MC15 Kazuo Matsui
46 Shawn Green
2 Troy Gluas
68 Bobby Abreu
24 Magglio Ordonez

Started strong...stronger...and...the big letdown! Helton was a good pull. Did you know that he ranks pretty high on some lists of all-time production, as measured by one of those complicated, Bill James-type lists. Peavy-Oswalt was a good one-two punch, also. Arguably two of the best pitchers in the NL. The rest? Eh. (Yawn)

Pack 2:
3 Vladimir Guerrero
33 Josh Beckett
80 Larry Walker
47 Steve Finley
WG17 Miguel Tejada
87 Michael Young
32 Carl Pavano
1 Garrett Anderson
78 Albert Pujols

Only by the grace of Albert and Vlad is this pack saved. One lying cheater. One invalid money-grubber. And some average guys thrown in. Beckett and Walker, OK, I'll give you those, too.

Overall, I'd have to give these two packs 5 out of 10 for a few good men and some average inserts. Next two another day.

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