Abandon Ship?

It looks as if the Indians may have righted the ship, even without the likes of Fausto, Travis and Victor. Thank goodness Grady is still Grady. Ben Francisco is having a great rookie season so far, and should be competitive for ROY honors. Sin Soo Choo is playing well, as is Franklin Gutierrez, in the outfield. Casey Blake, probably the most underappreciated player in the majors, is consistent if not spectacular, but, hey, let him fly under the radar and surprise everyone. CC looks better, and Cliff Lee, despite letting up a few runs now, is still pitching like a man possessed. I hope he doesn't wake up. 

The bullpen, last year's strength, is struggling, and is this year's weakness. Some call-ups may go a long way to motivating some of the underachievers and lighting a fire under the butts. Still got a way to go, but at least the White Sox are falling back to the pack. Should be an interesting season.

Go Tribe!

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