Grand Chrome

Well, now that madding and Grand Cards have straightened me out, I guess I should keep better track of all the cards from all the great traders out that are coming my way. I'm trying, but sometimes, when I get two or three per day for several days, I get soooooo confuuuuuuused!

So, to clear up my mistake, I will once again give a shout-out to madding for sending me all those great cards: the Omars, the Thomes, the set-builders, and all those Indians.

And here are the correct cards that Dan over at Grand Cards sent me: a plethora of 2008 Topps Chrome for Joshua's collection.

I'm surprised by how much I like the Chrome versions of the 2008 base cards. Topps did a very, very nice job of designing the Chromes, including the Copper versions, which are my favorites. I'm still not sure that there is much value to having refractor, X-fractor the Superfractor versions of the cards, or even blue and red versions, but the base and copper are well worth it. The blue version of the 50th Anniversary All-Star Rookie cards look kinda strange to me.

Joshua is set on getting all the base cards, not refractor versions, and he is making a good run right now at getting all the copper ones too. He has seven or eight of the base autos, and one copper auto. If you have one and find that you just don't need it, and want an 11-year-old to complete his first set, please send it over to us. There will be nice rewards for all who help.

Madding also sent over a couple of the Chrome, so I need to thank him again. And again. And apologize for mistaking the original owners.

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