Ultimate Group Break Recap

I apologize, but I'm having a BEAR of a time trying to upload the second video. I will try again tonight, and let it run overnight. For some reason, it has been running all day trying to upload and is still not done. Any suggestions.

I will post the results of the random drawing for the Carlton/Ryan/Sutton triple relic now. I randomized each of the lists 5 times, and Joshua was my witness:

Congratulations to Capewoods for a BEAUTIFUL card. Enjoy it! As for the "door prize," I will send each of you a nice runner-up card from my collection. I hope that's OK.

Since I'm having such problems, let me go through and list out what each person got:

Jordan from Jawdy's Basement
1. Ryan Howard base (151/450)
2. Michael Bourn Rookie Signature (199/299)
3. Chase Utley Ultimate Numbers dual relic (26/26)
4. Mike Schmidt Ultimate Star Materials relic w/pinstripe
5. Chase Utley America's Pastime relic (18/25)
6. Cole Hamels America's Pastime auto

Eric of The Ghost of Cory Snyder
1. John Lackey Ultimate Star Materials relic

1. Randy Johnson Ultimate Collection relic w/pinstripe (37/50)

Cliff from Capewoods Collection
1. Ultimate Ensemble Patches 3 (15/15)
2. Hunter Pence Ultimate Write of Passage auto (12/60)

Kerry from Cards on Cards
1. Albert Pujols base (390/450)
2. Ozzie Smith Ultimate Star Materials relic

Chris of Nachos Grandes
1. Jason Bay base (276/450)
2. Austin Kearns Ultimate Star Materials relic

Matt from Heartbreaking Cards
1. Felix Hernandez base (166/450) (I got two Joakim Soria autos, so you will be getting one)

Duane of Democratic Roadkill
1. Vernon Wells base (031/450)
2. Roy Halladay base (371/450)

Shane of Shoebox Legends
1. Josh Beckett Ultimate Star Materials relic
2. Jonathon Papelbon America's Pastime 3-color relic (03/50)
3. BIG SURPRISE (I can't ruin it for you - it's a 3-colored relic also, 10/25)

Peter of Dropped 3rd Strike
1. Michael Young base (146/450)
2. Michael Young Ultimate Materials relic (49/50)
3. Alex Rodriguez base (019/450)
4. Derek Jeter Ultimate Star Materials relic

Captain Canuck of Waxaholic
1. John Smoltz Ultimate Star Materials relic

Stephen of The Easy Life
1. Jose Reyes America's Pastime relic (18/75)

1. Redemption: Carlos Quentin America's Pastime Signature
2. Paul Konerko base (042/450)
3. Jim Thome Ultimate Star Materials relic
4. Carlton Fisk Ultimate Star Materials relic
5. Derek Lee base (315/450)
6. Rich Hill America's Pastime auto
7. Derek Lee America's Pastime relic (66/75)
8. Ryne Sandberg Ultimate Team Materials Swatch bat (11/50)

Bailey of The Nennth Inning
1. Matt Cain Ultimate Star Materials relic

Scott of Hand Collated
1. Rich Harden base (420/450)
2. Dan Haren Ultimate Star Materials relic
3. Dan Haren Ultimate Star Materials relic (this is not a mistake - you got two of them!)
4. Khalil Greene Ultimate Star Materials relic
5. Jake Peavy Ultimate Star Materials relic

Greg of Night Owl Cards
1. Andy Laroche Ultimate Signature auto (258/299)

1. Prince Fielder base (346/450)
2. Prince Fielder Ultimate Star Materials relic w/pinstripe
3. Rickie Weeks America's Pastime auto
4. Justin Verlander base (085/450)
5. Andrew Miller Ultimate Write of Passage auto (18/60)

And, the BIG WINNER, in my opinion:

Ryan of Ryan's Memorabilia
1. Erik Bedard base (339/450)
2. Nick Markakis Ultimate Star Materials relic
3. Nick Markakis America's Pastime auto
4. Cal Ripken, Jr. Ultimate Team Materials Swatch relic (26/50)
5. Cal Ripken, Jr. Ultimate Signatures "Iron Man" auto (2/6) !!!!!!!!!!!!
6. Jim Palmer America's Pastime auto

Jim of Garvey Cey Russell Lopes was shut out. I'm really, really sorry about that. But none of our contestants will be going home empty-handed. Carol Merrill, show Jim what he has won....

Jim, I will supply you with an auto or game-used card from my collection, of the Dodgers of course. I hope you won't be too upset with me, and for my next break, like Jawdy does, you can have a half-price spot.

I'll go over my stuff in another post.

I'm working on the video.

Thanks, guys, and hopefully the packages will go out tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Awesome first break for us! So excited to see the cards.

Nachos Grande said...

Well done, even if the results were less than spectacular for the Reds (and Pirates)...kind of like real life I guess!

I'll be interested in another one - just let me know!

night owl said...

Great break, Dan!

Capewood should get the triple relic. He is both a Phillies and Astros fan, after all.

steveisjewish said...

I am happy with jose reyes for sure - next time you do one of these i am in!

madding said...

Not too bad. Can't complain about a relic of my all-time favorite and a Pujols card to boot.

Duane said...

I still have never gotten an auto card....thought I might get one with this break. Not bad for my first box break (I think).

capewood said...

I am real happy with the triple patch card since, like night owl says, I'm a Phillies and an Astros pan. And Nolan Ryan collector as well. And I love the Pence auto. Thanks Dan. It was fun watching the 1st video especially since it ended with the triple patch.