Group Break Final Call

Final results indicate that everyone wants to do a "hit"-packed product like Ultimate. OK, we'll do that '07 Ultimate.

set checklist
set home
another checklist

In order to get in on it, you need to use PayPal to send funds to me ($22 per team to dkrill@rochester.rr.com) by Wednesday February 4th at 9AM. I will then place the order for the case of Ultimate. It should be here by the weekend, but I won't be able to do the break until Monday. (I will be out of town, visiting my sister-in-law, who is dying of Lou Gehrig's - I am not kidding on this one.)

If there are cards that have multiple players from different teams on it, I will use a randomizer (random.org) to choose who gets the card.

As for teams that more than one person wants, try to work it out between you - your names are listed below. Otherwise, the first one that responded to the post (via email or comment) will be chosen for that team.

I will record a video for each box and upload it to my blog. After all the boxes are done, I will package each team up and send it to you.

Please let me know which team you would like. I will save my pick for last to grab one of the remaining teams. Here is what I can make out so far:

Indians - J-Man (my son)
Giants - Nennth Inning (paid)
Mets - The Easy Life (paid)

Reds - Nachos Grandes (paid)
Pirates - Nachos Grandes (paid)
Orioles - Ryan's Memorabilia (paid)
Rays - Ryan's Memorabilia (payment pending)
Yankees - Dropped 3rd Strike (paid)
Phillies - Jawdy's Basement (paid)

Red Sox - Shoebox Legends (paid)

Cardinals - Cards on Cards (paid)

White Sox - arfmax (paid)
Cubs - arfmax (paid)
Tigers - Thorzul (paid)
Brewers - Thorzul (paid)
Twins - GCRL (paid)

Astros - Capewoods (paid)

Blue Jays - Duane (paid)

Angels - Ghost of Cory Snyder (paid)
Rangers - Dropped 3rd Strike (paid)

Braves - Waxaholic (paid)
A's - Hand Collated (payment pending)
Padres - Hand Collated (payment pending)
Dodgers - Night Owl (paid)
Diamondbacks - TRooks (paid)
Mariners - Heartbreaking Cards (paid)

Let's get this thing filled up soon so we can order it. As for the teams that several people want, try to work something out between the two of you, or someone step up and pick a second choice. I'll pick up any remaining teams, although I don't want to have too many. I'll update this list periodically, so check back. Post a comment here on any updates or any other teams you would like to purchase.

Remember, it's $22 per team. I'll even discount the second team to $20, so two teams is $42. Use PayPal and send the funds to dkrill@rochester.rr.com.


EWS said...

Hey man: Your son can have the Tribe. I'll be ok without them. I'll take the Angels otherwise.

Dan said...

Thanks, mate. Joshua will appreciate it. Send me an email so I can communicate with you.

shoeboxlegends said...

How would you like to deal with the teams where more than one name is present? I'm ready to send a PayPal payment but I'm really only interested in the Red Sox. If you want to flip a coin or something like that I'm fine with it. If you want to give them to Cardboard Icons I'm fine with that too.

Nachos Grande said...

I'm in the same boat as Shanediaz82. I'm really only interested in the Reds. A coin flip is fine by me as well.

gcrl said...

hey dan - i'll take the twins.

steveisjewish said...

Stoked. How are we going to choose between cards with multiple teams?

capewood said...

Dan, you have me down for Astros, I'm in. Look for payment tonight.

Flash said...

Can you put me down for the Rangers as well?