Blog Bat-Around #4

Which baseball card or set do you believe will be valuable in ten years? In other words, no matter what happens with the player(s) or industry going forward--injury, steroid accusations, drugs, gambling charges, the demise or ascendancy of Topps, Donruss and Upper Deck--what single card or set from baseball cards past or present do you believe is an absolute BUY and HOLD?

I don’t believe that there is a single set or card that is a must-have; there are too many out there now to have a focus that can see that far into the future with so much clutter in the way. Every Tom, Dice-k and Julio out there has a “first card,” rookie card, debut card, amazing moment card, etc. How to choose?


As many have said before, collect what you enjoy and what makes you happy, whether that is the high-end, $200 per pack stuff, or the complete sets of base product. The “hobby” aspect is being lost as a result of too many products and too many choices.

hob·by [hob-ee]

–noun, plural -bies.

1. an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation

There is no mention of money or value in the definition for “hobby.” Most of the people I trade with and communicate with through my blog are not interested primarily in making a buck by buying and selling cards. Most are in it because they love a team (such as me with my Indians), a player (such as Fielder’s Choice with Evan Longoria) or a set (such as Pursuit of 80’s Topps). It is the chase, not the finish line, that is of interest to us.

OK, now I can get off my pulpit and make a prediction.

The one object that I believe will be worth more in ten years is the C.C. Sabathia rookie auto card. In the end, I believe that he will be one of the all-time great pitchers. He is rugged, proved he is a big-time pitcher, and although he fell apart in the playoffs several years ago for the Indians against the Red Sox, I believe that he will rise to the challenge in the Big Apple and perform fantastic on the Big Stage when, not if, they make it next to the World Series.

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Fuji said...

i think upperdeck's late 90's on card autographs of hall of famers/future hall of famers. for example, the century legend's "epic signatures" and retro's "INKredible".