2012 Topps baseball

Haven't seen or heard much about it, but the 2012 Topps Baseball Series 1 is almost here. It should be out this week or next, according to the local shop. 

There are a couple of interesting features in this year's set. First, Topps is doing a Gold Rush promo with a wrapper redemption (keep those wrappers, boy and girls!) and special Willy Wonka-esque Golden Tickets for a "gold-infused autographed baseball" of Mays, Aaron & Griffey. Hmmmm....

Second, there are all the expected hits: autos, auto-relics, relics, cut sigs, silks, patches, plus a few new wrinkles: pin cards, ring cards, coin cards, and gold-infused cards. (Are they taking the gold theme to the extreme, or what?!)

Third, the inserts are plentiful and abundant: Golden Moments, Golden Greats, Classic Walk-offs, Gold Standard, Gold Futures (more gold!), Timeless Talents, and 1987 minis. Not bad - not too many sets to collect.

The design is, um, how do you say it, um... Boring. Reminds me of Lineage. It also looks like the revenge of the parallels is back.

The special Gold Rush redemption cards are pretty interesting, with a beautifully-designed autograph card. I'd love to get the Koufax!

Here is the link to the checklist. Enjoy, and good luck!

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