Ozzie Guillen is antisemitic

Ozzie Guillen did something he should probably never do again.

He opened his mouth and spoke.

This time, he didn't just insult a player, coach, umpire, owner, hot dog vendor, or MLB executive. This time the idiot insulted an entire religion and culture. Here is what he said in regards to a contract extension he desires:

"The future, only two Gods know: Jerry's God and the real God."

Jerry is Jerry Reinsdorf, the owner of the White Sox who happens to be Jewish. So, is what Oz-head is saying that Adonai, as Jews call God, is not "real?" That God is not the same God for Jews and Christians? I'm sorry, I need a bit of clarification, but didn't Christianity arise out of Judaism? Isn't it supposedly the same God?

Jerry shouldn't fire Ozzie. Ozzie should remove himself due to his stupidity and insensitivity.

What a frickin' dumb-ass.


Mark A. said...

Ozzie's quite the character. Maybe MLB should have a training seminar about things managers shouldn't say.

Nick B. said...

I live in Chicago, and having heard the audio of this a dozen times on sports radio I think Ozzie is being taken out of context. In print it looks like he talking about "Jerry's God", but I am convinced he meant it as "Jerry is God" since he owns the team.