More bounty

My post-sale spending binge continues, with a few excellent buys of players who were the ones I wanted to be like when I was growing up in the 70's and 80's.

Carlton Fisk, Tim Raines, Paul Molitor and George Brett. Beautiful cards, all HOFers (or should be, since Raines was nearly as good as Ricky Henderson), and all on-card signatures.

My favorite was Brett, who had the sweetest swing I can remember. He once talked about his hitting and how his top hand turns over when he hits through the ball, putting topspin on it so that it skids through the infield on the concree-turf at Kaufman Stadium. Smart player, excellent fielder, leader, and when he needed to be, a fierce competitor. Most of us have probably seen one of the best rants in baseball EVER!


dkwilson said...

Awesome cards!!

shanediaz82 said...

That Fisk is a thing of beauty!

Hackenbush said...

Love the on cards. Significant Signatures has a great checklist. I only wish they weren't so dark. The signature gets a little lost.

Anonymous said...

That Fisk auto is awesome!