First Look: 2010 Topps Heritage

I broke open my box of 2010 Topps Heritage today, and for good measure another half box at the store, and came away with a pretty good impression of what to expect from this year's version of the Throwback cards.


Disclaimer: I LOVE Heritage, and everything about it. But this year's product is a bit boring, if you ask me.


Great design. I especially love the short prints of the MVPs and All-Stars. Very cool. The photos are true to the originals, in the same style and the same washed-out, saturated colors. Full stats on the back are very nice.

Grade: A-


Same inserts as other years, plus a new one for Mantle's and Maris' chase for The Babe's home run record. But we've seen it all before. The rest of the inserts are getting a bit stale, though. News flashbacks. Baseball flashbacks. Then & Now. New Age Performers. Clubhouse Collection relics. It's getting a bit tedious and repetitive.

Grade: B-


All the stars are out in this one, as far as I can tell. King Albert is #1, and worthy. Lots of rookies, including my new favorite Indian Michael Brantley. I think that there is even a few real stars who have signed autos, like Gibson, Schoendienst and Frank Robinson. A few no-names, but not bad.

Grade: B+


Impressive. In one box plus half of another, I only got 32. However, I still need about 180 base cards, all but 12 of the short prints, and most of the inserts. It seems they were stingy with the inserts and SPs this year.

Grade: A


Don't ask.

I told you not to ask!

OK. Billy Wagner relic. Dan Haren relic. (yaaawwwwwnnnnnn)

Grade: C-

Overall, I'd say this is a very average product. If you love Heritage, you'll love it. If you love throwback stuff like Goudey, Allen & Ginter, Obak, T206, Goodwins Champions (did I forget any!?!), then you'll like it. If you are a baseball fan and want interesting cards for this year, you probably won't like it. Stick to the flagship product.

Overall Grade: B

(scans to follow in a few days)

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