Attention all Braves fans

I have had amazing good luck with 2009 Sweet Spot. I have basically figured out where, in a fresh box, the Sweet Spot and the Sweet Beginnings autographs are, so I have been able to pick up quite a few autos. In fact, I picked up my second Tommy Hanson auto from the set, this time a Silver auto numbered out of 65.

It is up for sale on eBay now, ending today, as is a Kenshin Kawakami auto.

Too bad I'm not a huge Braves fan. Between them, the Cardinals and the Braves, I seem to be getting a lot of their autos.

If you are interested in trading for some of the Sweet Swatches, they are on my Autos, Relics and S/N'd cards page, in the column to the right.

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Drew said...

Wow, nice pulls! Can you do me a favor and leave feedback on our very old trade on this page for me? Thanks, Drew