VMart Special

Ryan from I Heart Halos! sent a nice big package filled with nothing other than Victor. Martinez, that is. VMart. All VMart. All day. All package. Over 60 - YES 60! - VMart cards.

I have one card of Victor in a Red Sox uniform, and that is the latest card I will probably ever keep of his. It's sad to see him in that drab Fenway-gray. Better to have a nice RW&B Indians uni.

Ryan hit me with some really intersting cards. First, this 2004 Bowman Heritage.

Notice anything funny about it? Look on the back. Yes, Martinez was a pitcher on the Red Sox in 2003! Whoa, WHAT! Oh, wrong Martinez. If you read the biography, it is talking about Pedro, not Victor.


Oh, that's only $2.50 on eBay. Oh, well.

Next up is an early WBC card. Victor played for the Venezuelan team in the 2006 WBC. This is a mighty fine looking card, too:

Great use of color and refractor foil. And I really like that they put the flags on the backs of these. I had never seen one of these before, but I really like it.

Third, I now have one of the earliest VMart cards available: the 2002 Bowman card after his Single-A year in the Carolina League at Kinston.

That's an early card! But not the best of the earlies. Ryan outdid himself (BTW, how DO you out-do yourself?) and sent this amazingly beautiful, amazingly early, amazingly numbered card of Victor from 2002 as well:

This looks like a Major Leaguer card, well thought out. If I had pulled this from a pack, I would have thought that he was already a Major Leaguer.

Thanks, Ryan, for all the great cards.


RWH said...

I'm glad you liked the cards. I know it sucks to see favorite players in new uniforms, but at least we still have our cardboard for the memories.

shanediaz82 said...

I've pulled 3 of those 04 Bowman Heritage cards and all of them have the wrong back. I'm not even sure there is a correct version!