First look at 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights

I got my jumbo box of 09 UH, and now have the complete base set. All I need to work on is the inserts. I will have my wantlists up soon, but if you need some base, I'll try to get that in a post real soon.

As for the UH set, it's (yawwwwwnnnn) more of the same. (Excuse me, I'm very sleepy all of a sudden.) Nice base cards with great photography. Legends of the Game. (I do like Frank Robinson in a red Indians uni.) Ring of Honor. (Ho hum!) Gold parallels. Platinum parallels. Turkey Red. ToppsTowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Huh? Oh, sorry, I fell asleep on my keyboard.

Ahem, where was I? Oh, yeah, 09 Topps Updates inserts.

The autograph cards have been neatly reordained as "Career Quest" I guess for those minor leaguers looking to make a career out of baseball. Wahoo. The All-Star Stitches cards are pretty neat, with workout jersey relics nicely inserted under the Gateway Arch. A Topps Chrome Refractor as a box-topper. Another Legends Team Letter Patch, this one of Roy Campanella. Not bad.

Two variations, with gold lettering to differentiate this time: Reggie with the A's, and The Bambino with the Boston Braves! The Yankees go 0-for-2 on those!

Oh, yeah, this should keep me awake. The newest insert. The Victory series, done by artist Chris Speakman. These are very, very cool! There are four different types that I've seen so far: Victory is Imminent, Serve Proudly, Lead us to Victory, and Always Ready. Outstanding!

Overall, I'd give the base set 4 stars, the inserts 2 stars for being repetitive and boring, except for the Victory series which gets 5 stars! Go get your hands on some today!


Brian said...

I just drooled on my computer looking at the Victory Series...I want that whole set.

shanediaz82 said...

Those Victory inserts are definitely cool!