Case Break Update

I've still got two slots open for the 07 Ultimate break. I'd really like to get those filled so that I'm not out $116 for four slots, just $58 for two. Somebody. Anybody. Buehler. Buehler. Buehler.

I also can't order the box until everyone pays. I don't have enough in my Paypal account to cover the cost, so please pay as soon as you can. If I order the case this weekend, I figure it will be here Tuesday or Wednesday, I can break on Thursday, and hopefully ship on Friday. If people want to trade after the break, we can do that for a day or two, but I will be on vacation from the 24th to November 1st, so I can't ship until I get home. Let me know if that is OK.

As for the base cards, everyone seems interested in getting them, so most of you have already let me know what teams you want. If two or more people want the same team, we can split it up equitably, and I can send cards from unpicked teams to fill in. Again, let me know.

Thanks for your patience.

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beardy said...

Is it too late to get some Oriole base cards?