Cards are ready!

I've got the cards in my baseball card cave, and I'm ready to break them open once my son gets home. I will record it and upload it tonight, but I will also try to write a post as soon as it is done to let everyone know who they got.

I'm also just going to loop back to the first person once I go through the list once.

As for team selection, I've got everyone except for Joe P. (who I know collects Vladimir Guerrero cards) and PopStartled. Let me know if you want some base cards.
  • Troll - Rays
  • MadHandle - Mariners
  • Ghost of Cory Snyder - Indians
  • Tom DiCap - Mets
  • Shoebox - Red Sox
  • arfmax - Phillies
  • Brian (Play at the Plate) - Rangers
  • Ryan - Orioles
  • Dan (The Other World) - Phillies
  • Phungo - Phillies
  • Night Owl - Dodgers
  • Beardy - Orioles
  • RoofGod - Tigers
  • WickedOrtega - Marlins
  • Jim (GCRL) - Dodgers, Twins?
  • Gritz - Cubs
  • Motherscratcher - Indians
  • Tunguska - Cubs, Blue Jays
  • PopStartled - ?
  • Joe P. - ?
Let me know of any errors/corrections.

I suggest that any trading done after the break should be posted on the comments for the post I will put up with the "hits" after the break.


BudBareither said...

I would love a base card or two. Thanks!

arfmax said...

I'm a transplanted Phillies fan, living in Chicago. I suppose if there are any extra Cubs or White Sox base, I will take them for local trade bait, since apparently the Phillies are being split among three of us!