Catching up with the Baseball Dad

Sorry, I've been lazy lately. I've actually become a bit worn out by collecting, and I'm not in the mood to post even every other day. I almost did a "Heartbreaking" post and begged off until later in the year. However, I feel I should at least keep up every now and then with trades.

In that vein, I need to thank Jack at All Tribe Baseball. He kept me in Thomes and Vizquels for quite a while, and while they are finally all logged into my Picasa catalogs, I have yet to return the favor. Plus, those cards were in addition to the plethora of cards that he sent from his OPC Old School break, in which I got the Twins. Some Maers, some Winfields, and a Puckett! Cool!

There are too many cards to list or show, so I will leave you with a few of my favorites. Thanks, Jack.

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You really don't owe me but I never turn cards!I added extra cards for everyone who bought a team. I bought the boxes really cheap, and even after shipping, I still made a buck or two.Besides,it makes my wife happy when I send out cards!!