Time for Cy to say "Goodbye"

I have had the Cy Seymour card for over a month now, and shown it to everyone I knew who cared about baseball cards. Everyone, included TDW, thought it was very cool, and wondered how I got it, and didn't understand why I only had it for a month. It is a really great way to make people excited about collecting again, and along with The National, has whet my appetite to collect older cards again.

But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, so it is with great sadness that I must say goodbye to Cy. However, that means good news to someone out there who will get to keep it for a month or so. Which means . . .


Yes, it is that time again, so I will have a contest to see who Cy will visit next. The requirements that I will be placing on this contest is that you have had to comment on my blog and/or chosen to be a Follower. Anyone who has made a trade with me is automatically in the running, but needs to let me know that they are still around. That is a group that includes most of the bloggers that I read and feel I can trust to take care of this card and pass it on when it is time.

So, with that in mind, I will open up the bidding. No, you don't have to promise me an autographed Satchel Paige card in order to be the next caretaker, although it may help your chances. No, not really. What I would like to do is make this an easy one to accomplish. Post a comment here addressing the following:
  • What have I done lately to better my community
Simple, isn't it? Well, that's the idea. This should be a simple contest. What I am looking for is a person of good character who has made an impact on their circle of influence. Have you volunteered? Do you help old ladies cross the street? Did you develop, in your spare time, a source of unlimited clean energy to power the world for the next several millenia?

Yes, it is totally subjective, and I will have the final say as to who gets the card. It is MY contest, after all. Winners will be announced at 10 PM on August 17th, since I am going away for a vacation for a week, so get your comment in by midnight on August 16th.

UPDATE: So that everyone knows that I practice what I preach, I volunteer through my job helping kids in elementary school as a mentor, doing whatever it takes to be a good influence in their lives. I coach my kids' sports teams, and I recycle and compost and grow my own vegetables. Not much, but it is my part in the big picture.

I hope that there a many comments, since that would restore my faith in humanity and card-collecting. Good luck, and get writing.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Great idea, and many kudos for it. Glad you enjoyed Cy. Can't wait to see who wins!

AdamE said...

I am the president of out local not for profit soccer organization (http://www.westplainssoccer.com/). It is a volonteer position and we provide a place for almost 400 kids to play soccer every year.

Drew said...

Well, I can't even get a job yet so I always stay by the house, so the best thing I've done to my community is pay to go to a summer camp as a C.I.T and slave for them. Thanks a lot for the contest, and by the way at the same time I'm typing I see a Francisco Cervelli Goudey rookie auto, is it for trade? Anyway, I hope I win this one, but again, I'm not Mother Teresa here. I don't really bring miracles. I just sit on my butt all day staring at a screen, refreshing my blog until I see comments or votes or anything. Sad huh! Alright, not helping my cause! Thanks, Drew

Drew said...

Adam E beat my lazy butt already, I think I'm out of the running!

Dan said...

Don't worry, Drew. All comments are welcome, and I got a good chuckle out of yours. That's a community service right there!

Brian said...

I would have to say the most important thing I've done for my community lately is buy a metric ton of reduced price blasters from Wally World to prevent massive disappointment, despondency, and possibly even roid rage from affecting my fellow collectors. I feel that by preventing them from receiving yet another on-sticker auto or event worn jersey relic (relic? really??) that I have done my part to make my community, no, my world, a better place.

Mark's Ephemera said...

I'm often loathe to honk my horn about what I do for my community, but when I have the chance to give Cy Seymour an opportunity to visit Knoxvegas, I have to set some humility to the side.

I just finished a two year term as president of the Down Syndrome Awareness Group of East Tennessee. We serve 18 counties in providing information and support for families of individuals with Ds. We also raise awareness of the potential of individuals with Ds in the community that we serve.

Now, I cannot claim to have increased our fundraising income, our participation at the annual Buddy Walks, our education events or the amount of money that we've shared with our members by myself. I had a wonderful board, executive director and volunteers. I just helped keep it running. Although I'm no longer president (our bylaws prevent a president from serving consecutive terms) I'm still an active member on the board and have just started a local chapter of DADS (Dads Accepting Down Syndrome).

I do this on behalf of my daughter, Caroline. She's now five and starts kindergarten tomorrow. She's excited about it and so am I. I do it for her and for the community of individuals with Ds.

If this entry gets me the Cy Seymour for a month, great. If not, I'm still going to continue my work with DSAG.