I am falling behind in thanking all those who have sent me cards. I know I forgotten to display the cards from some of you, but I apologize for not keeping up-to-date and organized.

In that vein, I want to thank Mark at Stats On The Back and Mike of Ryan's Memorabilia for sending me some GREAT cards.

StatManMark surprised me one day with a note saying that I was the soon-to-be recipient of a box of Indians cards. Little did I know that he meant a long box shipped to my doorstep. Indians here. Indians there. Indians everywhere! Old Indians, new Indians, red Indians, blue Indians. (I will not eat green eggs and ham . . . sorry, wrong blog.) There were a few Omar cards, and you can see those in the Picasa page. Just click the link at the right. The big prize in the box was the number of Thome cards I didn't have.

First, a bunch of Thomes. Better yet, they are all in Indians uniforms. I still can't get used to him in Black Sox black socks. See the red socks? See the blue socks? See Jim hit. See Jim run. Run, Jim, run!

More Thome,  including some very early Big Jim cards. The Score and the Topps are both Rookie cards. He has really turned into a power hitter, without steroids hopefully, but his last stop at AAA, in Colorado Springs, he only hit two homers in 150 at-bats. That might be seven or eight for an entire season. Who knew that he would hit over 50 one year for the Tribe!

Mike sent me an unusual array of Indians. The entire reason for the trade was really the N43 of Grady Sizemore that he pulled from his A&G box this year, and it is one card I have been salivating over. In addition, though, he sent two more Gradys and a fine assortment of Eddie Murray's cards from when he was an Indian. They are awesome, and nice to see a HOFer with an Indians' uniform on.

I'm flush with Indians, now. I better get some more binder pages to fit these all in. Thanks, Mike & Mark.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you like them! Working on a new stack for you right now.