The best thing I got at The National

Of all the things I saw there (plenty) and all the celebrities I met (none, really), the best thing I got there was this:

Why this card? It's not a Derek Jeter autograph! No, but it is a Brian Kong autograph.

You may recognize that Brian Kong is the artist who did all of the art for the Highlight Sketch cards from this year's Topps Allen & Ginter release. He was at the Beckett booth (yeah, I know) but had his own corner with his own banner and display. Joshua and I met him, talked with him a bit, then gave us his autograph with the "cool" auto, the B-K in a square, next to his real autograph. He let us choose one of the cards from the A&G Highlights Sketches, so I chose the iconic picture of Jeter going into the stands. 

He was a very modest, easy-going young man, and was a bit oblivious to all this card mania going on around him, but that is what we liked. He had some of his original art on display, which we enjoyed looking at. 

I'd say this was the highlight of The National for me, aside from Joshua winning the box of Press Pass Football from Blowoutcards. Pretty neat.


Dave - Fielder's Choice said...

Dan, I didn't realize you and Joshua were there - too bad I didn't run into you. I agree about Brian Kong - he seems like a great guy, and I wish that I had thought to have him autograph one of his cards.

steveisjewish said...

thats a sweet card to have - nice to meet the artist of some great work