Indians on a Roll

So, now that their season is essentially over, key components have begun to be traded, and the tryouts for next season's starting lineup have begun, the Tribe has started to win. Five in a row. OK, so three of them were against the Mariners, a team struggling with injuries and underachievement, like the Indians. But at this point, fans will take anything they can get.

Jhonny Peralta (yes, that is the correct spelling) is 11-for-17 in the last five games with ten RBI's, and is starting to look like the hitter he was several years ago. Hafner is back and mashing, Victor is cooling off but still hitting and Cliff is pitching as well as he did last year. Only Grady is suffering through this season (along with the fans), so maybe it is time to shut him down for the year and give LaPorta, Brantley, Aubrey, Crowe and the other kids a long look. It could only help in the long run, and this year is a wash already.

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